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martin_d Aug 26th 2010 10:23 am

East Ledang
Is this a decent area, and is it all possible to do a commute to Singapore? The blurb says a 15 minute drive?

ex reg Aug 26th 2010 11:48 am

Re: East Ledang
As long as your residence is in a secure compound it may be worth considering.

If you want to live there and work in Singapore then remember you may have a 15 minute drive to customs but getting through may take 45 minutes on an average good day.
If you work in the CBD district of Singapore then you have a further 45 minute drive to work so maybe one and a half hours to two hours and depending on time of day it could be much much longer.

I lived in JB about 20 years ago.
I really liked it.
Things were more secure then, mind.

My missus recently and briefly considered buying some property in and around JB but we didn't take it much further.

East Ladang isn't in JB but quite a drive maybe 30 minutes from it.

The whole Nusajaya area is now quite well established with Malls etc etc.

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