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Atilla Sep 26th 2011 6:39 am

Re: Do you keep your jabs up to date?
My policy is always to keep the jabs up, especially tetanus and diptehria and the Hep B. You never know and also some countries you travel to may require them, easier if they are all done.

As a fly fisher for many years there was an old belief that brewers yeast keeps mosies off you. Took 3 a day for a month pre-season then one a day. never got bitten. Not sure it's easy to get the tabs here, not got round to looking.

bakedbean Sep 26th 2011 9:14 am

Re: Do you keep your jabs up to date?
They've usually got Brewers Yeast tablets in GNC shops. There's one in Gurney Plaza basement near Cold Storage. Good source of B-complex vitamins apparently.

You're probably correct about keeping most of them up-to-date. Think I'll do the typhoid booster next month anyhow.

Atilla Sep 26th 2011 11:59 am

Re: Do you keep your jabs up to date?
I use GNC for supplements here, gym etc. Never thought to check there. They can get a bit pricey with their stuff though. I'll check round some pharmacies too.

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