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Strider24 Apr 25th 2011 11:14 pm

Re: Broadband & Astro HD in Penang
I tried maxis wireless broadband for a year in KL. Around 1000-1100 I could sometimes get download over 100kb/s, but by 1700 and all weekends I was below 40kb and even down below 10. Took 20 min for speed test to come up with a final answer. Maxis couldn't give a damn and I complained on a regular basis.
For internet I now use Streamyx. Upside I always get good speed and usually more than I pay for. Downside its fixed line although a WiFi modem, so freedom within the home.
Mobile phone I now use DiGi prepaid with "super life" which means I can go away overseas and my existing credit doesn't run out for 1 year and keeps my number safe. Rarely do I run out of signal and generally find them better than Maxis also.:thumbsup:

TopHattedCat Apr 26th 2011 6:19 am

Re: Broadband & Astro HD in Penang
Hi Strider,

It sounds like at peak times at your location either the local base station (node B) or the link back to Maxis did not have the capacity to carry the volume of traffic wanting to use the service.

May I enquire how many months/years ago it was that you used Maxis 3g for your broadband?

Strider24 Apr 26th 2011 6:27 am

Re: Broadband & Astro HD in Penang
Hi TopHattedCat,

I finally gave up on Maxis about October last year. I didn't like the service, I didn't like the attitude. To me extremely second rate.:thumbdown::thumbdown:

TopHattedCat Apr 26th 2011 6:48 am

Re: Broadband & Astro HD in Penang
The service and attitude in their service centres I can agree with you.

I have many years of working in the mobile comms industry and in my capacity working for a European multi-national company I was heavily involved in the first 2 years of commissioning & integrating the 3g system into Maxis network.

So from my perspective I know first hand the limited amount of knowledge people have in the service centres, imo, they are given pre-set answers to give to customers & unfortunately one answer does not satisfy every question. They have zero knowledge of the network & how it functions.

My contract expired at the end of 2007 & I have not been involved since.

As I said earlier, where I am in Penang I get a pretty fast download speed most of the time, having a fixed line would be of no use to me as when I travel around I need an internet connection & the thought of grimacing my way through a whole day of Starbucks coffee does not really appeal :ohmy:

tbh.........By October last year the network in KL should not still be suffering the problems you encountered, that it still does is an indictment of their poor forward planning

Strider24 Apr 26th 2011 8:56 am

Re: Broadband & Astro HD in Penang
Many large companies reach a stage where accountants start to take control and become more interested in gaining more customers and squeezing the last sen out of them and lose sight of the fact they are selling a product or service. Maxis is certainly one of those. Another example is DiGi business accounts, where large unaccounted for charges are added, working on the principle that a clerk in their customers accounts dept. simply pays the bills and nobody actually checks the statement details. One no longer watches TV3, 7, 8 or 9 as advertisements outweigh any possible enjoyment one may gain from the increasing level of rubbish they show.:thumbdown: and so it goes.

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