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MattyM73 Jun 26th 2013 4:03 am

Bangsar apartments with young kids
Hi, Matt and Magda here (fresh off the plane from Hk, via London and Poland). We are looking in Bangsar for apartments and were wondering if we could get some opinions on the best condos with kids, our son Oliver is 2 months old.

so far we've been shown a couple in Northpoint, show flat/amazing inside (coming from hk most things are amazing!!!), but the pool was basically next to the road, also slightly suspicious by the enthusiasm shown by the agent in pushing this place as it was not on the list of places we supplied him, suasana bangsar was very nice but seemed a bit empty, and Sri penaga which we really liked but have been informed this morning that its already been taken..

I'll be working in mid valley city but will not be getting a car so was wondering how straight forward it is to commute..

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly received.

Matt & Magda

bakedbean Jun 26th 2013 4:14 am

Re: Bangsar apartments with young kids
Just to say Welcome to Malaysia :) Hope you enjoy.

I'll let the Bangsar resident experts reply to you as I am in Penang and no help to you whatsoever.

Nakrob Jun 26th 2013 9:09 am

Re: Bangsar apartments with young kids
We recently considered a move to Bangsar. Consider proximity to shops also if you don't have a car as most apartments are not close to Bangsar Village (the better of two shopping centres IMHO), especially with a 2MO as not all streets are navigable with a push chair. From our quick recky and research, Zehn looks like a top choice. Suasana apparently had some plumbing issues resulting in bad smells.

ajw Jun 26th 2013 11:35 am

Re: Bangsar apartments with young kids
We are at Zehn and have been for 3 years. Its a fantastic development, lots of young ones here. They love the pool (which is huge). Its easy to pick up cabs on Jalan Bukit Pantai outside, and its very handy having Pantai Hosp next door. Just make sure you are not in an apartment overlooking the development ongoing at the hosp next door. We are leaving shortly but only because our kids are of the age where they are needing more room, so we are moving to a house.

Dd33 Jul 12th 2013 6:00 am

Re: Bangsar apartments with young kids
I just looked on you may want to check out sri tiara condominium, it says it runs free shuttles to mid valley city and bangsar shopping centre which would make your life easy if you aren't going to get a car.

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