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Kent_to_KL Apr 9th 2011 12:26 pm

Another New Brit to KL

I moved to KL about a month ago so still finding my feet here. I'm already familiar with the LRT, been to the Batu Caves, Water Garden, KLCC and walked in various stages from Sentral through to KLCC. I'm also starting to find my way around Petaling Jaya a bit but don't ask me to name any restaurants or shops yet!

I'm staying in Bangsar and know about the Beach Bar and a couple of other places in KLCC (I'm 26 btw)! It would be good to hear from some other expats, even if you've got a couple of suggestions for places to go, things to see and do. I'll definitely be going to Penang and Melaka at some point and I've heard good things about Lankawi! It'd also be good to meet some people to go for a drink / something to eat with.

For the keen people on here I'll be in Ronnie Q's on Jalan Telawi 2 tomorrow to watch the Grand Prix if you're about!



bakedbean Apr 11th 2011 4:37 am

Re: Another New Brit to KL
Hi Ben, welcome to BE. Strangely enough we'll be staying in PJ at the weekend with some friends. I'm we're not your age group though being retirees :D

Have fun in KL. A lot of people like it there.

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