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Boiler Jul 25th 2019 1:30 am

Re: So, guys, you reckon you could take a point off Serena Williams?
I remember playing in mixed fun Tournaments, they would pair the best Male with worst Female and so on So I usually ended up playing with a solid Female who played in Club competitions. And we often won as the smack it at the weaker player was nothing like as successful. My problem was I was erratic but if my first serve went in it was OK.

So thinking about a good Club player not County who had a passable first serve I think that would be the best opportunity for getting a point. Or more?. I remember seeing Serena at Wimbledon in her early years, much more apparent how she over powered female opponents, they seemed half her size. She would not be able to do that so easily against somebody who was taller, faster but not as skilful.

Used to be in Squash you could only get a point if you held serve, so if you were up against someone much better than you getting serve and then getting a point was very difficult. They changed it to more the Tennis style and then it became very rare for somebody to be completely wiped, you knew you were going to lose so if you had a high risk opportunity you went for it, you only needed one to go in and you had a point.

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