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iaink Mar 20th 2013 4:28 pm

Not sure which is more depressing football news
More evidence of the death of football

Depressing story #1
Another Blackburn manager gets the axe from idiot owners/ global advisers after 61 days in the job. Thats 4 this year? Are the fans wishing Steve Kean was still there yet?

Depressing story #2
New Leeds owners to flip club 3 months after buying from Ken Bates...
Somehow I doubt anyone is wishing Bates is back.. but the language is depressing enough...
"LUFC promises to be a high yielding investment opportunity, which GFH is successfully placing with its investors,"

Thats modern football in a nutshell maybe.

Also, Michael Owen has announced his retirement. I wish him well. I suppose its too easy to say that in practice he retired several years ago, he just never noticed.

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