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Tweedpipe Jan 3rd 2021 4:15 pm

Hackintosh users?
We've had interesting threads here on Linux, Windows and Mac. Are there any Hackintosh builders/users here who'd care to share their projects and experience?

Although I've never built even a Windows rig from the ground up, I've been tempted for some time to build a Hackintosh, and maybe will one day, although my love with tinkering with older Mac hardware has taken priority.
Although not a Hackintosh in the generally accepted sense - and I'd no doubt be held in contempt by the Hackintosh 'purists', some time ago I married a 2002 PowerMac5,1 G4 'Cube' with a 2009 Intel MacMini3,1 to get the best of esthetics & performance.

This was my first attempt, and compared to the performance of an original G4 Cube, this combination rocked:-

The original PowerMac Cube was limited to 1.5GB RAM memory and the very ancient OS maxed out at 10.4.11. The MacMini improved on this with 4GB RAM and OS X 'Yosemite' 10.10.5.

A short time later with the oh-so-too-frequent updates of the Mac operating systems (which cripples older machines due to outdated web browsers), I attempted to give the same 'MiniCube' assembly a new lease of life.
I performed this by upgrading the Mini's original 2.26GHz processor. For a handful of dollars I found and installed a 2.53GHz cpu, then maxed out the memory to 8GB, knowing that a later operating system would probably struggle with just 4GB.
Then surprised myself by sucessfully incorporating the magical firmware patch by a true geek known as 'dosdude1', which allowed the installation of a far more modern operating system, namely Mac OS X 'Mojave' 10.14.6.

Not surprisingly the weakest link now of the assembly was the 11 year old original 'spinner' HD of the MacMini, and this was quickly remedied by the installation of a new Crucial 500Gb SSD. And that truly transformed the whole package, which makes this a very usable and imho great looking system.

And for those who might scoff at an Intel Core 2 Duo still in use today, I'll simply say that for a variety of most general purpose, non high-demanding tasks, they still suit the purpose well.
Now if only the current M1 MacMini came in a smaller case that I could shoe horn into the body of the same beautiful Cube.......

Bob Jan 5th 2021 2:38 pm

Re: Hackintosh users?
Very nice!

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