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Wackerhagen Dec 5th 2018 10:47 am

Munich-Family is looking for an english speaking Nanny
A small and friendly family in Munich (Bavaria, Germany) is looking for an english speaking non-smoking Nanny and part time family assistant (35-40 hrs/week) with experience. Preferred Date: April 2019

There is the possibility to live with the family or on her own if she prefers, but working times will also extend to the weekends, too.

Our Nanny needs to have a lot of energy to keep up with a young and playful 2-year-old little girl. This position will on occasions require traveling with the family, so all applicants must have a valid passport and be willing to travel. A drivers licence is preferable. While the toddler is at nurseryschool the nanny will focus on household projects for the family: This would include some light house cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry.

A detailed description regarding the child you can find here:

* Physical care of our daughter
* Supporting and providing activities for the all-round development of our daughter
* Communicating with us on all aspects of the care of their children
* Providing well balanced and nutritious meals appropriate to the needs
* Cleaning and tidying the nursery, bedroom, playroom and other areas agreed with the us
* Cleaning and tidying the accommodation provided for you
* Cleaning, laundering and mending the clothes and toys of our daughter
* Responsibility for cleaning and maintaining household equipment relating to the care of our daughter
* Ability to use all equipment related to the care of our daughter like buggies and car seats
* Travelling with the child and preparing for holidays, weekend visits, etc.
* Taking our daughter to playgroup and nursery
* Taking the child on outings
* Preparing for special occasions such as birthday parties
* Caring for our daughter when she is sick and administering medicine(s)
* Discussion with us relating to time on and off duty, nursery expenses, transport, babysitting

We are looking forward for your application with CV, references and two pictures.

spouse of scouse Dec 13th 2018 1:27 pm

Re: Munich-Family is looking for an english speaking Nanny
While not wanting to sound rude, I'm interested to know why applicants are being asked to supply 2 photos of themselves?

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