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Australia Immigration Aug 20th 2008 5:49 am

Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
If you are a General Electrician (Electrical Fitter / Repairer Heavy industry) Armature Winder I need to locate 10 of you !!

Based in Perth full sponsorship and relocation offered with a four year contract leading to permanent residents - if so desired.

Contact me ASAP or visit the website as indicated below - thank you .

Kind regards

P Dool Aug 27th 2008 11:32 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
I am currently trying to gain a skilled migrants visa for Oz and am waiting for a date for the vetassess test. I have tried to contact you on your website but my stupid computer is playing up.
I would like you to explain how the sponsorship route works ?

I am a armature/A.C./D.C. motor winder and have a 5 year apprenticeship and a further 5 years experience.

Australia Immigration Aug 28th 2008 7:44 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)

Thank you for responding - the way it will work is that should you accept and be accepted by the company the company will then sponsor you on a 457 visa for 4 years (all costs paid by company - relocation, flights, visas).

This period of sponsorship will give you the ability to review permanent residence status (PR) and lead to citizenship - if desired.

Please feel free to forward your details (CV) etc to me on [email protected] or PM accordingly.

Kind regards


leeob77 Aug 28th 2008 9:47 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
hi chris i sent you an email a while ago but never heard back from you. im an electrical fitter but dont do rewinds.
is it only winders you need?


Australia Immigration Aug 29th 2008 7:19 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
HI Lee

I will forward the message to you again - which basically acknowledged your CV and stated will revert to you once I have reviewed the applications, still in the process (only one week ago 21.08.08).

Apologies you have not received this !

Kind regards


The_Pom_From_Aus Aug 31st 2008 5:39 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
May i say to all you possible applicants who may be coming via a company sponsoring you on a 4 year visa, i would Jump at the opportunity if i was you, if your positive & want a good future for yourself & your family its a golden opportunity. whatever state you reside in most people are very nice & good decent people. it may the the best thing that's ever happened to you.

myself & family live in Melbourne we have been here for 11 years now & love the place there is no going back to the UK for us not even for a visit we love the place so much.

all the very best to possible migrants

P Dool Sep 1st 2008 5:50 pm

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
Hi Pom From Oz, are you an armature winder . If so What is the work like over there? and what is the pay like?
Did you have much trouble finding a job to begin with?

The_Pom_From_Aus Sep 2nd 2008 4:41 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
P Dool

sorry mate im not into Armature winding im an electrician doing installation of industrial & commercial work also doing computer networking.

I don't know what the score is for your field sorry to say, i do know for people in the electrical game there is heaps of work but you must have the A class license 1st before your allowed to work on any voltage material single phase or 3 phase, im also not sure how this would affect you doing your job with respect to testing motors when you rewind them if you have to go near anything with 230V then i suspect you will have to sit exams for the a class license.

I can try to make inquiries for you if you like at the Tafe (College over here).



Australia Immigration Sep 5th 2008 4:36 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
Hi P Dool

have you sent me your details as yet ?

Kind regards


P Dool Sep 5th 2008 8:29 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
Hi Chris

I sent you an email with my C.V. attached on Monday (U.K. time) I think and you replied and said you would get back to me in about severn day's.

Is everything ok ? do you want me to send another email ?

P Dool (A.K.A. Phil Doolan)

bigdavesrave Sep 16th 2008 2:13 pm

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
is it experienced winderers you are looking for or people to become winders??? I have just completed my elect tech apprenticeship offshore in the north sea and am now lookin to get work overseas as soon as possible but dont no the best way to go about it... Any advice from any1 would be great.

Australia Immigration Sep 21st 2008 5:59 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)

I am looking for experienced armature winders with at least 2 years under the belt as electric fitter / winder.

IF you require more information - please don't hesitate to make contact.

Kind regards


earnie Jan 5th 2009 6:06 pm

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
I am an experienced rewinder (21 yrs) and I am currently working on prototype electric motors for a large multi-national company in the UK. I have sent you my cv but I have not had a reply- for some reason my e-mail won't register your e-mail address. Please reply if you still require Electrical Fitters & I will resend my cv.



Australia Immigration Jan 11th 2009 5:47 am

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
Hi Earnie

Happy New Year to you and thnak you for making contact.

Yes please do send your CV and I will revert to you ASAP : [email protected]

Kind regards


earnie Jan 11th 2009 3:07 pm

Re: Electrical Fitters (Armature Winder)
Hi Chris,
I have already sent my cv & filled in the form on your website. Please let me know if you need anymore info.
Earnie :cool:

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