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julianakg Oct 15th 2020 12:23 pm

Renewing Italian Passport - Coronavirus
Hi everyone,

I am one more unhappy person trying to renew their Italian passport during covid times. Besides being impossible to call the consulate (no one ever picks up in the number in the appointment system), I just realized my AIRE request moving to London hasn't been completed yet, although I started the process in May.
My passport expires in April of next year, and I'm afraid I won't be able to renew it and will have problems living in the UK (and travelling, of course).

So three questions:
- Does anyone know if there is any possibility that the Consulate will renew my passport with my AIRE registration still processing? ("current status of the request is: Sent to the Town Hall of competence")
- If not, is there any way to speed this process?
- Any tips for getting through to the consulate? I've read about autoredial, but still no luck.

Thank you very very much!

CARD77 Apr 9th 2021 9:23 am

Re: Renewing Italian Passport - Coronavirus
Hi everyone,

I checked this forum prior to start the process of booking an appointment to renew my passport and thought I would share my experience. I tried booking it online and after being blocked with one email account and failing at finding an appointment after a week and half, I tried calling. I dreaded doing it after reading in another thread here how frustrating it could get. Called the first time at 8:30 because I was on the tube at 8:15. No luck as it kept saying all lines were busy.
So on a Friday I called with my normal mobile (no redial apps used) at 8:15 sharp. I managed to get through and was informed I was in position 9 in the queue. A few minutes later an automated message told me I was was going to be called by an agent and which key I should press for that option (do not remember which one but I did). I thought I was either going to be all day with my phone plastered to my body waiting in vain when at 8:50 I got the call. The gentleman was very polite and understanding when I asked him if we could have the conversation in English. Not only did I manage to book my appointment, he also booked one for my sister whose passport expires on the same day as mine. I booked in April for a November expiration and managed to get booked for June so plenty of time in advance. I would say try calling rather than resort to doing it online.
I hope this helps other people like me who wanted to find advice online and found very little.


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