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stuabroad Oct 29th 2008 3:12 pm

(Potential) Canadian Employer: Help With Recruitment Procedures
Hi all

Having read in-depth the (excellent) Wiki, I have a couple of questions out there for anyone who has a couple of minutes.

I work in IT here in UK. An Edmonton based employer kindly got in touch a few weeks ago to size me up and check out if I was interested in a move out there permanently. To cut a long story short I grew up in Ottawa as a kid and my aim is to get back out to Canada ASAP now I have the CV to back it up.

From what I can see, I may be able to fast track the application as I may come under one of the NOC categories that doesn't need a HRDC evaluation etc

So...question is this: the Canadian employer is unsure of the hurdles to jump through, but they definitely want me out there. It's also a case of getting it through their HR Dept in such a way as to correctly satisfy the rules. The hiring Director is English. I'm providing THEM with as much info as possible (such as that learned in the Wiki) as to best progress all this....

1. Can anyone provide any insight that might help me pad out my attraction as a UK based national?
2. Has anyone any insight on what the possible upcoming elections might have on rules/applications?
3. Crucially, is there anything I should be doing here just now that might help – there is TOO much information out there.

I don't want them to get scared off by the bureaucracy, so am trying to help out from this end. Any insight/advice would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance


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