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sammarsh1987 Feb 28th 2010 8:06 pm

Network / Storage (NAS) Roles
Hi all,

New to these forums today but already found some interesting information - thanks all who have put this superb infrastructure in place.

My family are emigrating in April / May to Melbourne and i am looking to move with them. I am a young network engineer working for a world-leading storage company in the support team specializing in network (TCP/IP mainly) issues. I have strong experience in supporting infrastructures running Cisco kit, NAS/SAN environments, VMWare / Citrix / Hyper-V, VoIP etc and have experience and references to back this up.

I am not looking for the earth in salary, more a challenge and to be afforded the ability to live and work in another country and experience a different way of life.

If anyone knows of any such vacancies (server, NAS/SAN, network, VMWare, MS / Linux), then please forward my email address ( [email protected] ) as i would be more than happy to talk to them regarding opportunities.

Many thanks and keep up the good work all,

PS: Apologies in advance if i have broken any AUP's etc for including an email address!).

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