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k99 May 20th 2007 3:43 pm

.net Developers
This is a pretty common and possibly quite speculative query, but here goes:

I graduated a little over a year ago with a Bsc Hons Software Engineering and have been working as a .net Developer since then (i.e 1 years experience). I have been to Australia on a WHM a few years back (but did not work in the industry at the time) and I know what the agents can be like (however by playing the recruitment agency game I was fortunate enough to be rarely without work!). Now that I am qualified, and have some good experience (albeit not for very long) I have been thinking about what it would take to make a return to Australia and would like to know your thought and opinions on what would be the best route to take. It appears developers are needed in Australia, but I am not sure if I do not have enough experience (at least it looks like I am a poor candidate as I have been working for a year..). I reckon I could get a Job if I can get a relevant work permit, but again I am unsure how this works. I would like to hear from anyone (esp with similar experience to myself) that has recently went through the process of applying for the Migration/skilled workers Visa (or any other relevant visa) or indeed from anyone else with advice on what avenues to explore!


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