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Jacqui May 10th 2007 8:48 am

Looking for work in Perth in C#/C++?
OH is still recruiting for software developers. This is for an international company, with projects around the world including Beijing and London. He doesn't want me to post the exact skills that he is looking for, because his experience with recruiting people is that the CV is re-worded to make it look like they have the skills required, then at the interview the applicant fails miserably.

He already has a BE pom working for him and is about to offer a place to another pom from here. There are many vacancies available for ongoing projects, and he is keen to offer the work to newly-arrived migrants (having been through the job-seeking process himself) if they fit the bill.

If you are currently in Perth (or due to arrive soon) and seeking work, please PM me with your CV and I will forward it on. If your skills look like they may be appropriate, OH will contact you to arrange for an interview. If you are due to arrive in the country shortly, an interview can be done over the phone. Please do not contact me if you don't yet have a visa, or have no plans to arrive here imminently. All enquiries will be answered promptly.

Jacqui Jul 4th 2007 2:01 am

Re: Looking for work in Perth in C#/C++?
Hubby has now been put in charge of the London project, and will be expected to make business trips to London now - how jammy is that? He gets to visit the rellies and it won't cost him anything. Maybe me and the kids will tag along, when my lotto numbers come up that is.......

Anyway, hubby is also in charge of the recruitment drive, and is still keen to see CV's from anyone who might have the required skills (read post above) in software development. The two BE poms working for his firm seem to be getting on well. Would be glad to help other BE poms find work here in Perth (there's no shortage of I.T. jobs either, with over 600 being posted on seek every week, up from 200 this time last year apparently). Having been here 5 years now, hubby has a good network of I.T. contacts, and will pass your CV on if he thinks there may be a better job opening for you elsewhere.

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