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infotec28 Apr 30th 2004 4:53 pm

IT jobs in the US

Just wondering if the IT market is any worse or better than I left it in February as I am headed back soon.

Since 2000 it has taken me 6 months minimum to find a job doing anything (even NON-IT) anywhere in the United States even after sending 200 resumes/cv's per week.

I heard that things are not much better in the IT field there and perhaps a bit worse than before. (I have also heard things are looking a bit brighter in that field but I have been hearing that for ages now)

My skills are: systems administrator, desktop support, helpdesk, telecom, and electronics


Associate of Science (HND) Computer Engineering
Vocational Degree (HND) Computer Engineering
Vocational Degree (HND) Electronics


I would be willing to work in any area of the United States prefer Miami or DC metro areas though....please advise if things are any better anywhere.


Cykotronic May 2nd 2004 1:34 am

Hi there. I don’t work in IT, but I know people who do (or did) and I follow the overall job market situation. Overall, I think it’s about the same as when you left – which means, things are bad.

The latest statistics show that the economy added something like 300 000 jobs; however, the unemployment rate went up to 5.7%. Now you tell me which statistic to believe.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are in positions to hire and the universal consensus is that things are bad, but not worse than before. One guy did say that this is the worst job market he’s seen in 20 years. Though everyone says there is more “movement�. I guess that means people are finding jobs, but losing them too, or those with jobs are switching to something else.

For me, I work in financial services and this industry is dead. The last 3 years I’ve been laid off twice and the quality of the new jobs I have found has gotten progressively worse. During one stretch, it took me over a year to find a new job. Right now I’m working for this small company. They keep delaying when my fulltime status will be (it was supposed to be over 2 months ago). I’m fed up and am looking for something else, even overseas.

Also, I think the employment situation is pretty regional. Things in the Bay Area are absolutely dismal and it’s probably the worst job market in the country. Things here in the Northeast are pretty bad too. The South seems to be doing so-so. The areas you’re interested in – DC, especially Northern Virginia, and South Florida – are probably 2 of the best markets in the country at this point in time.

Not to put a damper on things, but I’m trying to be as honest as I can. Also, with outsourcing gaining steam and increased productivity causing much of the current economic growth, I can’t see how things will get better.

korky May 2nd 2004 12:59 pm

I just got a job in the Bay Area, things are really not that bad in my opinion.

Here are a few examples, plenty of work available.'C2'

Paul May 2nd 2004 2:07 pm

I agree it's not that bad. I managed to find a new job in around 6 weeks. This was a permanent position and not a contract.

I'd advise not relying on the agencies. Just about every company has a careers page. Contact them directly.

ScotsmanInTexas May 19th 2004 8:12 pm

It varies from place to place but you have a pretty good skills base. Have you thought of moving away from the hands-on side of the industry and considered computer sales or something similar? Or maybe something like Call-Qualifier (which equates to a help-desk role) where you attempt to do phone-fixes and if that fails allocate an Engineer? I'd suggest that you think outside the box, if you get my drift. :D

mcjimbo Jun 14th 2004 2:15 pm

Re: IT jobs in the US

I've had a lot of success through:

It takes a while to register, but is definately worth it. Try these sites also:



infotec28 Jun 14th 2004 2:25 pm

Re: IT jobs in the US

Originally posted by mcjimbo

I've had a lot of success through:

It takes a while to register, but is definately worth it. Try these sites also:


cool all of you, I have registered with over 100 US IT jobsites including the ones you have just specified. I have also thought outside of the box etc, but no one ever takes me on without experience. Not being negative about it, just sharing my own.

I have got to get back there though...thank you all for your ideas!

BTW Scotland leaves something to be desired for IT jobs but I still get alot more activity here than I did in the US.

I am also trying to get away from the agencies.

ladylisa Jun 25th 2004 9:36 pm

Re: IT jobs in the US
[QUOTE]Originally posted by infotec28

Just wondering if the IT market is any worse or better than I left it in February as I am headed back soon.

I've read quite a few posts for IT people looking for positions however my husband experience is different to that. He is currently looking to recruit a Senior Domino Administator at his company and he is finding it difficult to find any quality experienced candidates. The package on offer is good, however there doesnt seem to be many suitable candidates in Milwaukee.

Could it be that many Brits in the IT industry live in big cities where there are more people with simular credentials, so the employers are giving the work to U.S candidates?

Just a thought.

infotec28 Jun 26th 2004 7:15 pm

I don't think that is the case...I would suspect the inverse, being less likely here to obtain a job because I am not a UK citizen...and I do believe that certain EU laws have the employer actually pick an EU member before myself.

Funny that you mention senior domino server administrator.
I have very limited experience with that. I entertained two seperate (domino/notes) job offers here with very little experience, and effectively double the typical pay that I would probably get in the United States.

I think the market is better out here for certain, but not much.

I am gonna give it all a crack when i get back.


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