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Dave May 23rd 2002 11:56 am

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Britbird (Miranda)
Very jealous:-)
Good luck with the move and keep in touch with the group.

hibee May 23rd 2002 12:30 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Congrats Miranda ,i Hope i wont be far behind you. Medicals getting done today, x-rays okay.
I Applied DEC2000 Aswell

Good Luck

Lisa B May 23rd 2002 12:33 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Hoorah Britbird !!

Blimey - I've been reading your threads lately, tutting, and thinking "poor old Britbird" I'm sure there were times when you were going really bonkers with it all (I know we are, and we've only been waiting 9 months so far!)

We're really, really pleased for you - and seeing as we're off to Aus for a research trip this Saturday, I'll have a little stop in Brisbane and send it your love - let it know you won't be too long!!



Lisa B and family

cazsue May 23rd 2002 12:44 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Congrats, you must be feeling great!

Good luck with the packing and the move.



sophia May 23rd 2002 1:44 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Britbird....AT LAST!!! Another one leaving *stinktown* (as I affectionately call the UK) can chill out now until it's time for the headless chicken thing anyway (which is where we're at!!)

good luck love sophia x

Chris May 23rd 2002 2:20 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Well done - enjoy Brisbane...


MrFlibbleUK <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:<[email protected]>...
    > Really glad to hear it came through for you!...I know you were getting a little bit
    > stressed at the length of time it was taken (not suprised!).
    > Really pleased for you.

cazsue May 23rd 2002 5:57 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Congrats, good luck with the move and happy packing



Recipe May 23rd 2002 6:20 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Well Done Britbird!!!!!!!! It feels great doesn't it!!! We'll be in Brissie in a
couple of years, so we'll hunt you down and bring you some british wine to remind you
of what you're not missing : )

I plan on videoing a traffic jam on a fould wet day to play whenever I get
nostalgic for home.

Andy P May 23rd 2002 6:21 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Fantastic news, Britbird!!!
We have been following your progress for soooo long now!!
It's great when you hear of someone as desperate as you finally hearing.
Us next, please!!!!!!
Good luck,
Andy & Diane

Kershaw4 May 23rd 2002 6:32 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Well I know I've already said it but CONGRATULATIONS (in public) get those bottles chilled cos hopefully we'll be joining you soon. Will speak to you soon Love Helen and Grahamxx.

heading downunder 2002 May 23rd 2002 7:39 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Hi Miranda, Mick, Alice and Whizzy,

We are so pleased and relieved that the wait is finally over for you and can't wait until we are all out there having that barbie. We'll bring the prawns and the tinnies!!!!

We will all hopefully be getting there just in time for the Ozzie summer, so we can bake together (slip slap slop of course) on those beaches whilst watching those very nice bronzed lifeguards!!!!!

Anyhow all our love and will speak to you soon. We will meet up again before we go.

Its hard to believe that what we have waited for for so long is finally going to happen. Hang in their folks who are still waiting it will happen.


Susan, Colin and Emma XX

Lana May 23rd 2002 10:20 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Congratulations! This is wonderful news, I am happy for you.


SuzeM May 23rd 2002 11:08 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
What a beaut, absolute ripper (just practising), congratulations Britbird, hope we all won't be far behind!

Lynn-ann May 24th 2002 9:09 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Only just seen your message.

Thats great news as I know you have waited so long for it.

Recieved the visa last weekend and planning to be in Brissie in August. Keep on posting in Oz and we can have that barbie.

Hope to meet you there soon.

sharonfryer May 24th 2002 9:23 pm

Re: Yeeeehaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

Only just joined this happy crew of fellow travellers and it is really great to hear that at least one of us has found the promised land

Good luck and all the best in the "promised land"


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