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salmanm1 Nov 4th 2020 8:48 am

Switching from 103 to 804 parents visa
Hi Guys, I wonder if someone could help me with the query below.

I applied 103 visa for my parents in May 2012 and still waiting. As my parents are in Australia on 600 visa right now, I wonder if I should apply for 804 visa as I noticed on the homeaffairs website that the queue date for 804 visa being released right now is May 2012 and switching to this visa may help with the quick processing (I hope they will consider the waiting time for 103 I already applied)
It may save us paying 90,000 in terms of contributory visa to get it quickly.

Anyone done that before, please share your experience


Alan Collett Nov 9th 2020 8:19 am

Re: Switching from 103 to 804 parents visa
Hi Sam.

Your parents will go to the back of the queue if they now apply for an 804 visa application.

Note that if your parents applied for a 103 visa in May 2012 it is unlikely they have a queue date of May 2012.

Best regards,

salmanm1 Nov 14th 2020 4:50 am

Re: Switching from 103 to 804 parents visa
Thanks for the feedback, we will change it to 143 now.

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