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C2445 Nov 28th 2020 11:11 am

Spousal visa while serving last year in the UK military
Hi everyone, just looking for anyone who might have had experience with the Australian visa process while serving in the UK military.

For background: my wife is Australian and we have been together in the UK since 2012; married in Australia last year; and now have a six month old son together; living in the UK. I submitted my application for an Australian spousal visa back in Feb 2020. Pretty soon after submitting the application in Mar 2020 we received a message on my immi account stating that we met all of the criteria for a visa, that our application timeline would likely be much faster than 12 months advised at the time, but asked for confirmation of my discharge date, and that they would need to see my final discharge papers.

I have subsequently uploaded a JPA (the Army's administration system) screenshot confirming my discharge date (19 Aug 2021) but have so far heard nothing back. I'm currently deployed overseas, and my wife is really struggling back in the UK with no family support (hers are in Australia, mine are in the US longterm for work) and a six month old. As a result we are hoping to move to Australia as soon as I finish my service next year in Aug 2021. Therefore I am trying to ascertain whether there are any mechanisms people know of for the visa to be granted prior to my discharge date (or possibly to become active on that date?), and if not, how long we might have to wait for a visa once I have served my last day, having already received confirmation that everything else is in order?

Any advice or just an outline of your own outcome in similar circumstances very much appreciated.


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