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addictive_mate Jun 30th 2019 5:30 pm

RRV Changes?

My Australian PR visa is expiring in a month and I am currently in Australia but going back to my home country in 10 days. I have stayed in Australia for just 2-3 weeks in last 5 years but I am anticipating to come back and live permanently once I secure a job here. I was away due to better employment in Canada but now seriously planning to move to Australia.

I will apply for RRV in 2-3 months with a job offer(I am confident I will get one based on my skillset).

What are my chances of getting a RRV with a job offer after its expired?


Paul Hand Jun 30th 2019 7:06 pm

Re: RRV Changes?
As explained elsewhere:

You are taking a much bigger risk by applying offshore once your current PR visa expires. If you are serious about moving to Australia, I suggest you stay onshore, get a job (offer) and apply for your RRV then. This way you have options if the job search doesn’t go your way.

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