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Andrew Snook Sep 9th 2002 10:12 am

Primary school teaching in NZ

I am looking for some information about teaching in NZ.

I am a NZ citizen, currently residing in England. I am engaged to an English junior
school teacher. After we get married in July next year, we are planning on moving to
NZ, where my fiancee will attempt to get a teaching job. I was wondering if anyone
here has any experience with doing this?

We have looked at the teachnz web site, but still have some questions.

It appears she can use her teaching qualifications in NZ without having to get NZ
qualifications. Is this correct?

We would love to hear from any teachers who can share their experiences of moving to
and teaching in NZ. Preferably positive!

Thanks Andrew.

p__sullivan Sep 9th 2002 10:00 pm

Re: Primary school teaching in NZ
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Andrew Snook:

Hi Andrew,
The situation is that she does not need NZ qualifications.. however she does need to get her qualifications assessed by the NZQA. Furthermore she needs to be registered with the teacher registration board (small cost). The other small concern is that primary school roles have peaked and they are expecting that these roles will now start to go down. Suggesting that it will be harder to get a job.. this does not mean impossible.

We have found that the schools bend over backwards to get a teacher.. although in our case it was for a secondary school teacher.

Hope this is of some use…
For further info check out



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