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stream Aug 13th 2010 10:39 am

information not reaching the case officer
I had received an email from my case officer to provide the details of my spouse on 24th June and i emailed my csae oficer back on the same day.
later on sending the ple and asking for the status i again received the same email from my case officer to provide the information about my spouse current employer. i did reply back to that email the same day and later i send reminder to get the acknowledgment from my case officer, but there was no reply.
now on sending the PLE i was again contacted by my case officer for the same pending information.
now i again replied my case officer by email and also sent the same information to the department.

i am worried that why is my informtion/email not reaching the case officer.

gr8leo87 Aug 13th 2010 3:39 pm

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yeah sometimes their email sucks. Did you get a receipt confirmation?

If you didnt get a confirmation, or you feel that your information has not reached your case officer then create an email and the same email to your case officer team number email address and also to that other email address where you send documents when you havent got a CO. Im on phone and accessibility is kinda low. So I hope another member will tell you that email.

And btw forward the last email that you send I suppose you would have mentioned that this second or third time Im sending these information.

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