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bourbon-biscuit Apr 30th 2019 1:39 am

Do I need to let immigration know?
Hello helpful folk,
We are here on our Kiwi passports. Have submitted an application for ENS visa (not just the employer nomination part - all our stuff is finally in, just medicals to go) - bridging visa for husband (principal applicant) was issued but INACTIVE (as per norm for Kiwis). Do I need to let immigration know that I am going to the UK in a couple of weeks?
Thanks in advance for any advice :)

bourbon-biscuit May 1st 2019 3:02 am

Re: Do I need to let immigration know?
Am replying to myself here to share the info with anyone else who finds themselves in this position! We don't have bridging visa because our substantive visa doesn't expire during the application period so I don't need a bridging visa B to travel and re-enter Australia.

However, of course my visa (special category 444) actually does expire whenever I leave the country - and then I get a new one at the border so long as my criminal status is still whistle clean and I haven't contracted TB. This is the kind of 'gaps' New Zealanders in Australia fall into. If - by some special miraculous intervention - our PR application gets approved while I am overseas I have to super careful to ensure the immigration officials at the border DO NOT issue me a 444 on seeing my Kiwi passport: this could impact my time to citizenship among other issues.

Also, if, like me, you have ever entered and exited Australia on different passports (in my case innocent enough: I have visited heaps as a Brit and then since acquiring a NZ passport have only used that), it could be worth making sure immigration 'merge' your accounts/ files. They are super helpful and friendly on the immigration call number and can sort this out efficiently (10/10 for customer service from me), BUT it sure makes the heart beat faster for a moment to be told, "you are currently listed as offshore" ....

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