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h1232321 Dec 24th 2017 1:57 am

debt to commonwealth (Australia) urgent reply needed
Hi, I’ve got urgent question, please reply ASAP

I have debt to commonwealth Australia as I took my previous visa matter to courts, I’ve applied for fee exemption but waiting for decision

If i owe a debt (amount owing to the Commonwealth Australia) and apply for a 457 visa from my home country, then they will ask to clear the debt before they issue me a visa.

I have few questions:
1) is this possible that once I clear the debt, they reject my visa and give me a lame excuse to reject the visa.
2) is there a way i can settle that amount in part payments now before i lodge the case? so that debt wont be an issue, its a huge amount so it will take years to clear .
please reply asap

3) is there a way I can speed up their decision and how do i organise a payment plan? i've applied for fee exemption as i don't have enough money but i want this matter to settle down before i apply for visa . either they exempt all fees or tell me to make small payment,or tell me to make part payment

note: its not a debt to commonwealth bank of Australia, its debt to the government from court cases fees.


moneypenny20 Dec 25th 2017 3:52 am

Re: debt to commonwealth (Australia) urgent reply needed
Plesse google the definition of 'urgent". It's christmas, no one official is working and everyone is enjoying their time with fsmily and friends.

WRUSSELL Dec 28th 2017 8:56 pm

Re: debt to commonwealth (Australia) urgent reply needed
To be granted a visa applicants must have repaid debts to the commomwealth, or have made 'satisfactory arrangements' to do so.

In my experience only full repayment has been accepted as a satisfactory arrangement.

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