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Java Oct 3rd 2008 3:52 pm

Basic requirements for spouse (form 47sk, please help)

I want to claim 5 points spouse bonus for my husband, I am the main applicants. My husband got positive VETASSESS assessment, his qualifications are assessed as suitable for Maketing Specialist (ACSO code: 2221-13). However, his recent work experience is Aderstising Specialist (ASCO code: 2221-17). I am confused as to how to include the ASCO code for his recent work experience in the 47sk form. I think that questions 64, 65 and 66 (Basic requirements for spouse) refer to the nominated occupation and ASCO code in the VETASSESS assessment paper and not the ASCO code of the work experience.

Could you please clarify this problem, and thank you in advance

Best regards

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