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elite May 7th 2014 3:17 am

Work visa possibilities?
Hi! Planning to visit New Zealand this year. If ever is it possible to change Schengen visa to work visa? If yes, what are the possible jobs? Thanks!

MrsFychan May 7th 2014 3:40 am

Re: Work visa possibilities?
according to this:,2625

to be eligible to enter you must not intend to work so it might be frowned upon if you then do try to get a work visa. but that's just my opinion it might be worth calling your local immigration office and ask them without giving any specifics

elite May 7th 2014 3:55 am

Re: Work visa possibilities?
Ok! Thanks for the advice. :)

Persephone May 7th 2014 6:17 pm

Re: Work visa possibilities?
Isn't a Schengen visa for those countries in Europe that are within the Schengen area? That's why there are no border or passport checks when travelling within the area.

A Schengen visa has nothing to do with NZ, it is for entering the Schengen area of Europe hence you cannot change a Schengen visa to a NZ visa. Which country are you from? Have you checked whether you need a visa to enter NZ or are you from a visa waiver country?

You can certainly apply for a work visa or any other type of visa that allows you to live or work in NZ but only if you fulfil the requirements for that type of visa.

This is the official website for all things to do with NZ immigration:
What kind of job do you want? Permanent or temporary? What skills do you have? Do you plan to stay in NZ longterm or is it a desire to travel/holiday/maybe do a bit of work here and there whilst in NZ? Are you within the age range for a Working Holiday Visa if you're after a holiday/casual work type trip?

Lots of questions but it's hard to answer your query without more info!!

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