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kingacat Feb 14th 2014 7:20 am

Work to residency success!
We arrived November 2011 on a WTR visa. Exactly 2 years later we applied for residency and 8 weeks later it was granted!
It was a fairly straightforward process. We had to apply for UK police certs which took a few weeks but no medicals etc.
I had been in the same job for the 2 years so that might have made it more straightforward.
Just sent my husbands UK passport back for renewal as it was due to expire. Surprisingly this was easy too....

Tom1983 Feb 14th 2014 7:49 am

Re: Work to residency success!

Whilst I congratulate you on your news, a couple of questions

1. When was your application accepted?
2. Did you receive any confirmation that your application was assigned to a case officer?
3. Have you been requested to pay a migrant levy?

Many thanks

kingacat Feb 14th 2014 8:05 am

Re: Work to residency success!
1) I sent the application 5th December with all the paperwork and we had a letter 2 days later acknowledging the application. They sent back our passports, marriage cert, bills and letter from my employer. They kept our UK police certificates. The letter said there was a 9 month waiting list.

2) No we didn't.

3) We received a letter to say we have been accepted. They returned our police certificates. They then requested our passports and the migrant levy fees.

It was very straightforward and easy to do.

Persephone Feb 14th 2014 7:55 pm

Re: Work to residency success!
Congratulations new NZ residents! It's a good feeling isn't it:thumbup:

Tom1983 Feb 16th 2014 4:46 am

Re: Work to residency success!
Cheers kingcat

Gives me a bit of hope that the 6 month time line they gave me when I rang in January won't happen. Especially since mine got there before yours did. My circumstances changed since being here so I expect ones that haven't would get sorted quicker (like yours)

Have you both had to pay the migrant levy fees or is it just one for the whole application?

Enjoy the stamp

BEVS Feb 17th 2014 2:46 am

Re: Work to residency success!

Originally Posted by Tom1983 (Post 11131790)

Have you both had to pay the migrant levy fees or is it just one for the whole application?

Unfortunately it is individual so you will both pay a further wad of $$ .

The levy is NZ$310 for people aged five and over, and NZ$155 for children under five years of age. If there are more than four people included in a single application, the migrant levy is only payable by the four oldest family members.

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