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zummerzet_lou Mar 4th 2008 8:26 am

Waiting for a case officer
Just wandered if anyone else is on a long wait?

We have no job offer, have submitted our ITA to NZ House, London on 26th November 2007 and are now just waiting to be allocated a case officer.

Were thinking we'd have one by now, but I suppose by now I should know better?

Arggghhh .. why can't they just tell us yay or nay and we can get going on the next stage of our lives??


EmandKen Mar 4th 2008 12:09 pm

Re: Waiting for a case officer
Hi Lou
We were in a simiar situation (as you can see by the lines below) but emailed NZ House 2 weeks ago to ask if we had a case officer. They told us we had but we're not sure how long we've had one. Still it's good to know someone is on the case. We emailed the skilled migrant email address on the ITA covering letter.

Persephone Mar 4th 2008 7:33 pm

Re: Waiting for a case officer
I'm still waiting for an ITA :curse:

No job offer and was selected 3months ago so should be hearing very soon!

Now getting VERY impatient, thinking I ought to go in to NZ House [cheaper than phoning] if nothing has arrived by the time I come back from holiday in 3 weeks time.
So I'm just at the start of what looks like it will be a very long wait:eek:

I know what you mean, you just want the process to move on. You make the decision to go and are then held back by the system. I go through phases of being relaxed and calm followed by impatience and frustration :(:lol:
I pity everyone around me at times!

Hope it all comes through for you soon :D

Maz Mar 6th 2008 4:59 am

Re: Waiting for a case officer
The official blurb I got was that I could wait 3-6 months for a case officer to be assigned. Patience is very much a virtue where NZIS is concerned! ;)

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