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tandn Aug 17th 2010 8:25 pm

Visitors Visa for child
Hi there. I am up to my eyes in immigration forms and would be really grateful for some advice! I have a job offer and am completing a work visa application (work to residence), my partner is also completing this form under the family work policy category and I've got the supporting partnership form to do for him. I have been told by NZ Immigration that I need to fill in a visitors visa for my 14 month old daughter - does she go down as the principal applicant or do I put myself down as the principal (even though I'm applying for a work visa) and put her as a dependent child? :confused:

Also, am I right in thinking that we have to send off our actual passports with the visa application forms?

I'm at the stage where I am feeling like I'll never get through the sea of paperwork!


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