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Coco_ Jun 12th 2014 12:09 pm

Visa for partner of NZ citizen

Just discovered this forum and hoping to get some advice on upcoming move to NZ. I'm heading over in Sept this year with my boyfriend who holds a NZ passport (he was born in the UK, but Dad is from NZ) He is obviously very chilled out about the whole visa thing seeing as he doesn't seen one, but I think I need to get myself in gear to make sure I can live and work there as well!

My vague plan was to start with a working holiday visa, which I think let's me stay for 18 months and then when I'm there try to get a more permanant visa. However, I'm confused in the difference between permits to work and residency and what I actually need to apply for!

Is there something different I can do seeing as my partner is NZ citizen? Any advice would be very welcome :lol: Not sure whether to start the application in the UK or wait until we're there in NZ?

MrsFychan Jun 12th 2014 9:17 pm

Re: Visa for partner of NZ citizen
as your partnet is a NZ Citizen you may as well go through the partnership visa scheme. You will have to prove that " you have lived together in a stable and
genuine relationship for at least 12 months."
this would mean joint bills, holiday bookings, invites, bills address to both of you at the same address if you cannot provide joint bills, photo's and if you have stuff like msn/skype chats some of them may work. anything that shows you share your day to day life (basically)

see here:

good luck

Persephone Jun 17th 2014 4:46 pm

Re: Visa for partner of NZ citizen
WHVs are for either 12 or 23 months but I agree with MrsF in that a partnership visa is probably the easiest and cheapest. A WHV does not allow you to work permanently so you'd have to apply for another visa anyway.

You have to have lived together for at least 12 months if applying for residency via partnership. This is not the case for a temporary partnership visa which will give you a work visa for 1-2 years, you only have to be living together in a genuine relationship for this one. So it depends on how long you've been living together as to what you can apply for. Obviously if you're intending to stay permanently or longterm then residency is better as long as you can apply for it:)

Coco_ Jul 7th 2014 3:57 pm

Re: Visa for partner of NZ citizen
Thanks both. We will have been living together for 2 years by the time we move so I will definitely look into that. seems like a better idea than working hol visa as allows me to work on more full time basis which will be better for our funds! Although I was quite liking the idea of being a forced lady of leisure for a little while!! :-)

Persephone Jul 9th 2014 6:51 pm

Re: Visa for partner of NZ citizen
Well, a WHV would be cheaper initially but you'd then have to apply for a further visa...

This is the link for a Partnership Residency application: What is required?

And for a Temporary Partnership application:
Family Stream

Also: Partner of a New Zealand citizen, resident or Temporary Visa holder

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