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DeLacy May 25th 2014 10:09 pm

Visa help
I'm looking at starting a 1 year top up BSc Mental Health degree in September. I am NOT a nurse. I have over 5 years work experience working in the mental health field. I'm 43 and would like to move with the Mrs. Can anyone please give me any advice to emigrate to NZ. Would I be able to get a job with what I have? Which Visa would best suit? Any help and advice would be great.

LauraNotts May 26th 2014 9:44 am

Re: Visa help
The mental health wards here are staffed only by nurses, there are no HCAs or support workers of the sort we're used to in the NHS. So I'm not sure how you'd fair getting work in the mainstream DHBs without a professional registration.

There are lots of NGOs and charities that do a lot of mental health and advocacy work though so with your experience (which is likely to be significantly more than most new grad nurses) you may have a shot. However, I'm really not sure what the job situation is like there.

If you're 43 and want to come here permanently have a check on the New Zealand Immigration website to see if you'd qualify for a skilled migrant visa. Right now you need 140 points to be selected from the pool. That is unless your other half is a Kiwi in which case you'd have a far easier time.

I am currently on an Essential Skills work visa which is valid for 3 years. They are granted on the basis of you possessing skills and experience which suit you for a job that an employer must demonstrate cannot be filled by a New Zealander. This visa is not permanent and is no guarantee of residency however it's a good start to get you here for a chunk of time and working legally.

In short have a look on at the jobs market and check NZ immigration just to dip your toe in the water :) Good luck.

DeLacy May 26th 2014 11:14 am

Re: Visa help
Thanks Laura,
Its just sooooo hard. I was going to go down the teaching path as I have my Cert Ed and 14 years teaching experience. I'm also starting my MA in Education in Sept. but apparently its just as hard to get into teaching in NZ too. We are so desperate to emigrate as we HATE the UK.

LauraNotts May 26th 2014 2:40 pm

Re: Visa help
You're welcome. Have you thought about where in NZ you'd like to go? Outside Auckland will give you more immigration points. Just a word to the wise, much as I sympathise with your views about the UK, being outside of it does make me see it as actually not that bad. Make sure that its that you want to move here rather than escape the UK. You're more likely to settle successfully that way around.

DeLacy May 26th 2014 3:23 pm

Re: Visa help
Hi Laura,
My wife and I toured last year from North to South on a 4 week holiday and booked again this year. We found NZ stunning and the people are so friendly and helpful. It's not about the money, its the way of life. The UK is getting worse with all the non skilled workers coming over from eastern Europe. We are willing to move anywhere in NZ we loved it everywhere we went

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