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UsmanGh Feb 11th 2014 8:41 am

Unexpected PAR Result. Need Help

I applied for Pr-Assessment of my 3 years Bachelor degree "Bachelor of Computer Science" and I got Level which is equal to diploma , I am unable to understand how they asses my 3 year degree to Level while i was expecting Level 7.
Do I have right to send them email and ask how they made assessment for my degree.

Can I submit my EOI without PAR ? Note : I am claiming Bonus Points as well.

Any feedback or Suggestions.

Usman Ghani

Persephone Feb 11th 2014 10:07 am

Re: Unexpected PAR Result. Need Help
If you submit your EOI without a PAR or IQA then you will not get points for the qualification.
You presumably need the correct level for bonus points on the LTSSL?

You could try asking them for clarification.
It's when you go for the IQA that you have to send in transcripts and documents for them to assess your qualification by. Whether you'll get a different result, I do not know.

Hopefully someone who has been through the process can help you a bit more:)

BEVS Feb 11th 2014 10:35 pm

Re: Unexpected PAR Result. Need Help
Yes. You can try to question the PAR. NZQA may well suggest a full assessment though.

You will need to prove the level to claim the points .

FriendForEver Feb 13th 2014 5:32 am

Re: Unexpected PAR Result. Need Help
Hi Usman,

If your institute is not on the exemption list, You must provide International Qualification Assessment when you selected. PAR is just to have an Idea about your qualification to lodege your EOI but not a requirement for submission of your EOI.

My experience regarding PAR is not good. As I got PAR and they mentioned that my qualification is at Level 7 and on the basis of PAR i lodged my EOI. After sucessful selection of my EOI, I went for IQA and in IQA report they given Level 8 to my qualification but did not mention any name to my qualification so I lost my bonus points and was not able to lodge my application.

@ Persephone

You presumably need the correct level for bonus points on the LTSSL
Not only correct level but same description of your qualification required in IQA report as mentioned in column 3 & 4 of LTSSL.

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