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Slimjake Feb 10th 2020 4:48 am

Uk Gas Engineer >>> NZ

Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere but Im struggling to find any reassurance anywhere without spending money on getting qualifications verified...unless Im not looking in the right place.

I have been Gas Safe registered for almost 5 years now and I have been working for myself for the last 12 months after working for a company for 3 years.

I have my ACS qualifications for gas in boilers, cookers and fires but as I came into the plumbing and heating game late (age 24) I was unable to get onto the 4 year NVQ apprenticeship scheme, so instead i when to college at night for 2 years and managed to get a job with a local gas fitter/plumber along side that (totalling 6 years experience. The qualification i gained training wise is a CITB (Construction Skills).

Me and my wife have been discussing the possibility of moving to New Zealand, so before we start getting our hearts set on the idea I was wondering if anyone knew how they view this qualification in comparison to their equivalent qualifications? Also, the qualification is only in Gas Safety. Although i have been practicing plumbing in the UK (fitting bathrooms etc) for 6 years I dont have any specific plumbing qualifications for water regs etc, could anyone also advise on this?

Any help/advice would be greatfully appreciated.


Suzelah Feb 11th 2020 6:57 pm

Re: Uk Gas Engineer >>> NZ
Hi, piped gas doesn't seem to be a much of a thing here. We are in the South Island and use LPG gas. This maybe why you are struggling to find info but I could be wrong.
Back in the 80s my family moved to Australia and my Dad was told by Australia House in London I guess that his gas fitter qualifications would be valid but when he got there he struggled to find employers who agreed. He did find work, with a NZ family-run firm, but it was hard work digging in the sand and he was glad to go back to the UK eventually.
​​​​​​Sorry for sounding so negative. Maybe someone else on here has more positive info?
If you can find any employers, perhaps contact them directly?
Good luck with your search!

escapedtonz Feb 13th 2020 6:07 am

Re: Uk Gas Engineer >>> NZ
Not much in the way of mains gas here. The bigger cities have it in the North Island and there is a small reticulated gas system in Christchurch I think but majority of people would go for the LPG bottles and go for two of the huge 1.5 metre tall ones that last a while and just replace as they empty from one of the mobile gas providers. There isn't much in the way of gas powered central heating in NZ or gas fires and an electric hob is way cheaper than a gas one here. Kiwi's pretty much only use gas for instant hot water boilers (if you didn't have electric immersion which is the most popular) and a gas cook top (which isn't very popular). In the 5 rentals we've lived in only one had a gas connected to the mains system in Wellington as it had a gas boiler "central heating" system which spewed out hot air via a ducted pipe system. Totally crap. All the others have been all electric and the house we built is all electric. We have heat pumps for heating/air con which are electric and just like the ones in your car just bigger. If you have a fire it'd be a wood burner which are super popular here.
Probably not what you wanna hear but I'd say not much call for a gas fitter here.
A mate of mine came over a few years ago now. He worked for Homeserve as a gas fitter. Couldn't get work but got a job as a plumber and retrained. Hated it, resigned and went doing something completely different. He's a council inspector now in Palmerston North and carries out compliance inspections during the building stages.

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