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WhatToDo82 Apr 11th 2014 10:21 am

SMC Visa, potential problems?

So the parental consent is in, I've started the registration process with the NZ MC and have applied for a job... Once those two are sorted it will be Visa time.

Can anyone offer some insight as to whether we are likely to encounter problems with our visa given the following information:

Son (14): has Aspergers Syndrome and a Statement of SEN, although he is currently in a non-specialist school (mainstream private school) with no additional support. Also has mild asthma and a mild nut allergy.

Me: history of a stroke in 2010, probably cause: previously undiagnosed hole in the heart (patent foramen ovale - PFO) Hole closed in 2011, 'all clear' given 2013, no further incidence of stroke or anything else. Supposed to see consultant 2 yearly for check ups. Aspirin taken daily as precautionary measure. Also have migraines.

I appreciate it's hard to say, but if anyone can give an idea of likely issues or not?


Persephone Apr 11th 2014 6:47 pm

Re: SMC Visa, potential problems?
All I can say is that your application will be referred to the medical assessor. I would start getting as much information as you can get on both conditions and likely future costs and outcomes.

Here is the relevant section from the operations manual, which is very general in its categories, which is why each case is treated separately.

Sorry, wish I could be more helpful really, it all depends on how they assess it.

WhatToDo82 Apr 11th 2014 7:20 pm

Re: SMC Visa, potential problems?
Thank you, yes very vague. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens...

Helen256 Apr 11th 2014 10:26 pm

Re: SMC Visa, potential problems?

I had heart palpitations and put it on my form when I didn't need to. I had to have extra ECG scans, a letter from both the nurse and the doctor to demonstrate an 'all clear'. Just a heads up as that may take some time to gather, evidence wise. I was very fortunate in that my doctors had letters complete within a few days.

I'm not sure about your children, I imagine they'd be interested in looking at evidence there too.

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