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Mark.Adams Apr 6th 2019 9:45 am

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa
Hi everyone

I was looking online to find an answer to my question but failed to find an answer

one of my friends suggested BritishExpats,
he told me they are the best

Here is my scenario

I own a company in Australia, started business in 2013
Everythig is ok.

I want to expand and start new company in NZ this month

the issue is that I cannot run the company in Australia and NZ at the same time.

for that I want to hire someone from overseas where the mother company is [in Dubai]

This guy will do the technical and pre-sales and other tasks may need till we get enough businesses and start recruiting process and hire more people

at the moment I cannot hire someone from NZ as they won't understand the technology we use and I need someone to hit the ground running the first day they start.

I spoke to that guy in Dubai and he doesnt mind come and live in NZ. and he will be able to perform all tasks might be needed.

after doing some search on google I found that the visa he should apply for is "Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa" and with ticking the boxes of having a job offer i think he reaches 200 pts or more.


Taking in consideration that my company is just started in NZ and has zero employees in NZ at the moment.

will he be able to get the visa based on Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa scheme with have job offer?

Thanks for your help.

MrsFychan Apr 6th 2019 9:14 pm

Re: Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa
My first thoughts are that as your company is not accredited you would have to prove that you have tried to employ someone in the whole of New Zealand and have failed to do so, before you can offer to overseas employee. There maybe an option of working holiday visa if they have that option in Dubai which would mean that the person could come over for 12months to set up and train a NZ'der.(?) BUT I do think you need professional help on this. So you could start at

escapedtonz Apr 7th 2019 9:36 am

Re: Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa
My opinion would be No, he couldn't.
I'm thinking your business would have to be very well established in NZ for a minimum number of years with a proven business plan and with legit business evidence of how it is operating, working, turning a profit and assisting the future prosperity of NZ and the people who live here.
You can't just set up a business on a whim and offer someone a job from overseas who doesn't have any legal right to live and work in NZ. Just stop and think about what you are considering to do for a minute, put yourself in the shoes of an Immigration officer and consider if this will work ..........looks kind of strange aye!
If you could do that, what's to stop any John or Jane Doe from "setting up a business" in NZ and employing any person they want from overseas, just because they state they are the only person who could possibly do the job.
Immigration just doesn't work like that.
Your business would have to be accredited by INZ which authorizes you to offer skilled work to people from overseas. If not, you must prove to INZ that there is nobody already in NZ with the right to live and work that can do the job. That in itself is a difficult task. You need to provide documented evidence of the job with role, responsibilities, salary etc. You need to show periodic evidence of job advertisements, the candidates that applied, results of interviews etc and any other evidence that proves why you are unable to find a suitable candidate already in NZ over a period of several months.
Hypothetically speaking, if your intended employee went down the route of Skilled Migrant Resident Visa, have you any idea what they would be declaring as their occupation ? Is that occupation even skilled in NZ ? Is it on the LTSSL (Long Term Skill Shortage List) ? Does the person have at least a sufficient recognized Bachelors degree in a suitable qualification ? Does the person have sufficient work experience with the required skills for that occupation ?

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