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jeany Jun 7th 2006 12:59 pm


Me and OH are hoping to submit an EOI but not sure we can.

OH is an Electrical Engineer through British Aerospace. He has a completed apprenticeship through them and a BTEC National in Engineering (Level 3) He also has City and Guilds Part 1 & 2 in Electrical Installation. He has the qualification to be an electrician but isn't registered as his electrical background is all in aircraft, therefore can't apply as an Electrician.

Reading through the documentation it says he will qualify for 50 points if he has City and Guilds Part 1 and 2 plus an apprenticeship with a recognised industry. Problem we have is they don't really go together! Basically he has a mixed bag of qualifications! If his BTEC was Level 4 I think we would be ok. Called the NZQA and they said just put in the highest level qualification and they will assess it.

If this fails we are gonna just go out on a WHV but it would be so much better if we could get PR before we left! I'm a Travel Consultant which are on the immediate shortage list but I don't have the qualification they are asking for. I have the level below it plus 8 years experience!


Can anyone shed any light on it for us? His apprenticeship and BTec work together but they will only assess one of them which I don't think will qualify for enough points.

Just wanna get to NZ!


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