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alexlok Jul 2nd 2012 11:49 am

Permanent Resident Visa

Does anyone know when you can apply for Permanent Resident Visa ?
Is it one day after your first entry and you have fulfilled the minimum stay within 2 years ?

Also, I have been told by the immigration office that the visa can be issued on the same day, is that true ?

Last question is as long as the principle applicant has fulfilled the requirement for a permanent resident visa, all non principle applicants will be issued the same visa irrespective of their time spent in NZ. Is that true?

Have any non principle applicants been declined under this circumstance ?


Persephone Jul 8th 2012 10:23 am

Re: Permanent Resident Visa
You can apply once you fulfill the conditions.
You must have been a resident for the preceding 24 months so you do have to let your 2y RRV or 2y travel conditions expire. You can apply as soon as this happens. I take it you meant 2years and 1 day after your first entry;)

Visas are issued on the same day, just turn up to the nearest office and wait. How long will depend on the queue. It was busy when I did mine but I had to get it that day so had no choice other than to wait.

If you were not the principal applicant in the original residence application, you normally cannot apply for a permanent resident visa unless you apply at the same time as the principal applicant or later. See our immigration instructions for RV1.20 for exceptions to this requirement.

alexlok Jul 8th 2012 12:04 pm

Re: Permanent Resident Visa
Hi Persephone,

Many thanks for your advice!
Yes, 2 years and one day after the first entry.

All the non-principal applicants will apply the permanent resident visa at the same time as the principal applicant.

Do you know any requirements for them to fulfil other than the principal applicant has been granted a permanent resident visa?

This is the condition on the application form but there is no other information about how long the non-principal applicants have to stay in New Zealand.

The principal applicant has been in New Zealand for 184 days or more in each of the 12-month portions of the 24 months immediately preceding this application.


Persephone Jul 9th 2012 9:40 am

Re: Permanent Resident Visa
I can't find any reference to any conditions other than the principal candidate is eligible [and this can be waived under certain circumstances eg death,divorce etc]
I was under the impression that the non principal candidates had to fulfill the time in NZ requirements from what someone told me. They may have been given incorrect information as I cannot find this on the NZIS website at all.

This is all I can find that seems relevant- from the Operational Manual

b. The only requirement for the grant of a permanent resident visa to a non-principal applicant is that the principal applicant must hold a permanent resident visa, unless:
i the non-principal applicant is excluded by the provisions of RV2.1; or
ii the provisions requiring a secondary applicant to be assessed independently of the principal applicant apply (RV1.20.1 to RV1.20.20); or
iii the non-principal applicant has never been in New Zealand as a resident (as required
by RV1.5(d))./

RV2.1 is about those being deported or subject to restrictions. RV1.20 is about divorce, death and various others.
You could double check with NZIS. If you've all spent enough time in NZ to be eligible then you don't need to take anything apart from photos, passports and the application form when you apply-how many days you've been in NZ is all on their computer.

alexlok Jul 9th 2012 10:53 am

Re: Permanent Resident Visa
Hi Persephone,

You have already provided some valuable information.
I will check with the immigration lawyer/specialist on my last question.

Thanks again!


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