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ts123 Feb 25th 2014 11:46 am

Partnership Work Visa
After much deliberation between going for the partnership work visa or residency through partnership (I/we are eligible for either) we've realised it's actually cheaper to get the partnership work visa first and apply for residency once in NZ if we still want to.

Anyone who's applied for the partnership work visa - once all the forms are off how long did it take to process? (London office). Also, once it's issued, how long do you have to activate it? Is it like residency where you have to enter NZ within 12 months and the 2 years (or however long) that the visa is valid for starts on that date?

Just trying to work out exactly when to apply....


MrsFychan Feb 25th 2014 4:21 pm

Re: Partnership Work Visa
London office processing times

You have 12mths to activate the visa. yes you then have travel conditions for 2 yrs. You would need to apply for the travel conditions be removed after the 2yrs or you would not be able to re-enter the country if you leave as the visa would of expired

Helen256 Feb 25th 2014 6:30 pm

Re: Partnership Work Visa
I'm doing this visa and my OH got his before mine due to a medical issue on mine.

He also has a work visa based on a job offer from an accredited company so his visa was a very quick turn around and mine should have also been as quick.

Applied for both in the UK whilst in the UK - his was back and stamped within a fortnight. He has no medical issues or crimes against him (good character reference) and, as I say, a solid job offer from a known accredited company.

Mine (the partnership work visa) is due back this week after a minor issue on the medical side (more my admin poo-brain rather than actual issue).

Hope that helps a little?

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