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Murrayafc Feb 26th 2014 10:01 pm

Partnership Temp Work Visa
Hello Folks

I've not been on here in a while, but looking for some advise now I am in sunny NZ from the professionals.

Here's My Story :)

I met my girlfriend in Feb 2013 whilst out in NZ from Scotland for my sisters wedding. Now I returned to scotland and we kept in touch and by june/july 2013 we were in constant communication and knew there was something special going on. We have countless whatsapp pages 800+ and skype and viber and phone bills for the period of june to december 2013 where we did the long distance thing, My girlfriend came to scotland in december 2013 where we spent a month with my family over christmas and new year. We both flew back here in jan 2014 and stayed with her parents for about 3 weeks, we have proof of both our names on documents from her parents house aswell. We have now got our own place in waterview Auckland and have been living here for about 3 weeks and we love it, we have joint bank accounts, car insurance, broadband, power all in our joint names at this address.

We have countless photos from both scotland and NZ and also supporting letters from family and friends, and lots of documents even at this point.

Now I am currently here on a 6 month visitor visa and we are looking to apply for a temp work visa for me based on our partnership even if this was only a 6 month visa to allow us to build further proof that is fine.

Now I sufficient funds to support myself and my girlfriend works full time until my visitor visa runs out, and if we do not get a temp work visa we will both return to Scotland and further our proof there.

Im aware we have not lived together that long, I am not applying for residence just a temp work visa. would you recommend living together for afew more months and building up more proof before submitting the application? also if this was approved how long would the processing time generally be from the Auckland office? obviously we are on a time scale here but we have until the end of July until my visitor visa runs out. And worst comes to worst it will be summer in scotland I suppouse, well 15 degress at least :rofl:

I am trained telecom and IT engineer so will have no problems finding work, I spoke to Len brown and he advised to also get a letter from our local MP as they obviously want to keep skilled people in the country.

Any advice and guidance is greatly appreciated

Murrayafc Feb 26th 2014 10:03 pm

Re: Partnership Temp Work Visa
Forgot to mention my girlfriend is a NZ citizen.


MrsFychan Feb 27th 2014 1:23 am

Re: Partnership Temp Work Visa
I would say go for a temp work visa on your own after gaining a job offer that way you do not need to provide relationship details as it would be a visa for you to be able to work so you will need a job offer.
If you are unable to obtain a job offer then look at the partnership option but I believe they will not move on the 12mths time line

Persephone Feb 28th 2014 10:46 pm

Re: Partnership Temp Work Visa
The 12 month living together requirement is only for residency visas. It's not as strict for a temp partnership visa :)

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