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hallie_day Mar 12th 2019 5:18 pm

Partner Visa timings

I am in the process of applying for a partner Visa and just waiting for the last bits - husband to complete his form, police check to arrive and medical (booked for next Monday) - and I am aiming to submit it by the end of this month.
I'm not expecting any issues as we have lived together for 12 years, have two children and two mortgages together, and have lots of evidence of this.

However, the predicted timings online are quite worrying as we had hoped to move out in September/October:=leftPartner of a New Zealander=center7 months=center10 months=center12 months
Does anyone further into the process have any good news, and what would I have to do if we need to move before it's processed? Does my visa application continue as normal? I'm aware I would need a return ticket, but not much more than that.

Thank you

hallie_day Mar 12th 2019 5:22 pm

Re: Partner Visa timings
While I'm here...
My husband is applying for citizenship for the children at the same time - does anyone have any recent info on timings for this as well please?

escapedtonz Mar 14th 2019 7:40 am

Re: Partner Visa timings
The good news is that Partner Visas are the ones with the highest priority so Immigration look to allocate a case officer and box these applications off ahead of people applying through skilled migrant with and without job offers. Since you have been with your NZ partner for 12 years and can prove that you will get Partnership Permanent Residency and not just Partnership Resident Visa although you will apply for Partnership Resident Visa. The threshold between these is set at 5 years so as long as you show evidence of partnership for at least 5 years Immigration will "upgrade" your status to PR. Also good news is it shouldn't take so long to process. I'd reckon 6 months tops but you need to get it in asap if you're wanting to travel Sept/Oct 2019. You can always make a note of that on the application so Immigration are aware.

Don't really know about Citizenship by descent timeframes for the children. We're thinking of applying for citizenship by grant this year and it can take 6-9 months depending on when you apply and when the inauguration events are arranged in the area you live. I expect your process is just a paper exercise so wouldn't take as long but couldn't guarantee.

hallie_day Mar 18th 2019 12:11 pm

Re: Partner Visa timings
Thank for the info escapedtonz.

We have since heard that the children's citizenship should be considerably less so fingers crossed they will be ok.
Just need my husband to get his ac together and get the last few bits done....

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