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joshbay84 Mar 5th 2014 3:28 am

NZQA IQA - certified copies
For NZQA IQA, it is mentioned that certified copy of Complete official academic syllabus / curriculum is required. I did my education in India, and am now living in USA, hence its almost impossible for me to get the actual syllabus that I had (2001-2005) from the university. Is there any way around it?
I do have my degree certificate and mark sheets intact and my mark sheet indicates each subject that I had studied. So I am confused, isn't this information enough?

Also, it is mentioned that
To be certified, the document must: be certified by an official of the issuing authority or a person authorised by law in your home country or New Zealand to certify documents. In New Zealand this is a Justice of the Peace, a lawyer or a court official.

Does it mean that I cannot certify the documents from USA (which is not my home country)?

Thanks in advance

Persephone Mar 5th 2014 7:35 pm

Re: NZQA IQA - certified copies
I can't answer for NZQA, all I can think to do would be contact them to see if what you have is acceptable.

I would assume that a certified copy from your home country is where you are living now ie America. All they are doing is certifying to say it is a true copy. Is it in English though?
I am in America also (temporarily) and had to get something certified by a notary over there, it cost $10 and searching online seemed to imply that each state sets a maximum cost that they can charge.

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