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Scousebird Dec 7th 2010 7:51 pm

NZQA/Immigration = total confusion help!
Can someone please offer me some advice as I'm just totally confused and I feel immigration are giving me some mixed advice.

I've had a PAR on my Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work which came out at level 8. Immigration said although it's better than the NZ qual which is only a level 7 it's not 'comparable' as it's two years training (although you need a degree to even do it consisting of 3 years) NZ qual is 4 years so I lost 50 points on my EOI but was advised get a job offer to get my points back up to be selected.

Whilst arguing every aspect that my quals are better with immigration therefore why is there a 'comparable' issue they told me to get the full assessment done if I was confident but it is costly - indicating don't do it as it's 2 versus 4 years therefore they will not be satisfied on this factor.

So if I get a job offer get selected from the pool and then are offered an ITA the requirement at the ITA stage is to have a full NZQA? Is this true or not?

If it is what is the difference if I get it done now as it needs to be done anyway? I'm just concerned that I'll pay a load of money out for another assessment which might not support me. If that's the case is there anything else I can do? My plan b was job offer, work visa then apply for PR but I'm concerned that they still will want the full assessment which possibly may not support me. What are the ways around it? Immigration have just totally confused me by saying I'm not sure it's worth getting it done so get a job but then if you do get an ITA you will need to have it. It just doesn't make sense at all. I've done further quals since my DipSW but I didn't get them assessed. I know I can get a job as I've been offered work before but I don't know how to satisfy immigration. I'm desperate to understand it. Any advice please!

Scousebird Dec 23rd 2010 5:55 pm

Re: NZQA/Immigration = total confusion help!
immigration have stated would need the full assessment at the ITA level so might as well get it done - why they didn't say that at the start when I asked them is beyond me.

BEVS Dec 23rd 2010 8:26 pm

Re: NZQA/Immigration = total confusion help!
It's beyond me too and I'm just sorry you are being given the run around like this.

Can the SW registration board help with this at all

Scousebird Dec 24th 2010 6:03 pm

Re: NZQA/Immigration = total confusion help!
thanks - just frustrating more than anything. I will get in touch with SWRB just for some advice and see what they say.

thanks again :D

bolton1 Dec 29th 2010 7:41 pm

Re: NZQA/Immigration = total confusion help!
Have sent you a PM. But thought this may be helpful informtion for others

The NZ Social Work Registration Board accepts CCETSW qualifcations but you will still need to apply for registration & can only do this when in NZ , the registration requires that you demonstrate competences in social work practice including working with Maori & pacific islanders, so technically there are 2 documents to complete. You also have to have a reference and a police check ( those you have for Visa application are not accepted). All documents to prove your qualifications have to be verified in NZ. You can do this through the Court for small charge ( usually photocopying ) and JP's regularly have sessions in the community. There is a charge for registration and for competency assessment.

You do not have to complete both at the same time and can do the competency assessment within 12 months of registration.

You do not have to be registered in NZ as in the UK but I would recommend it as this is the way it is going. In my experience it strengthens your CV and many DHB's positions being registered is essential.

It is frustrating when you have to demonstrate all of this via NZQA but there is no way round it.

So more paperwork, more costs ........:blink:

The NZSWRB website has all the documents on line and the fees

Scousebird Dec 29th 2010 9:28 pm

Re: NZQA/Immigration = total confusion help!
Thanks for this - it's so depressing sometimes doing all the paperwork and repeating yourself and then the costs again again...I hope it's all worth it. Thanks for the advice I did look at the website and saw that you have to evidence competency which I can't entertain at the moment (thankfully its not immediately required) as I'm finishing off my other qual but at least I know what to expect!

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