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napierlass Apr 22nd 2014 11:07 am

No Chest X-ray NEEDED?????
Help plz.
My husband is applying for a Partner Visa temp 2 yr one. He has read that he doesn't need a chest xray. I phoned NZ house London. They said He does NOT need it, fair nuff it saves us £80. Medical is booked for tomorrow. However al the forms continually indicate that a chest xray is needed as there are no other boxes or options.
Can anyone else confirm this plz.

napierlass Apr 22nd 2014 12:03 pm

Re: No Chest X-ray NEEDED?????
Every form states that it you intend on staying up to two years then you do need an xray. Then you get the small print about coming in from certain countries. He has only been in the UK for the last 40 yrs so does this exclude him completely....all the boxes go on about previous xrays etc. He has never applied before. The woman atNZ house was very certain and very casual about him not needing one. I even said yes but he wants to stay up to 2 yrs on the partnership one.

Persephone Apr 28th 2014 7:25 pm

Re: No Chest X-ray NEEDED?????
It looks like he will have to have an xray, here:

[QUOTE]If you intend to stay in New Zealand for more than
12 months you will need to submit a medical certificate
and chest X-ray certificate with your application:
• A Limited Medical Certificate and Chest X-ray
Certificate must be provided if you are applying for a
temporary entry class visa as:
–– the partner of a New Zealand citizen or residence
class visa holder;......[/

Health requirements

The website says he will, odd that INZ are saying not...

Oops, just seen that the medical has been and gone:o How did it go? Did he have an xray?

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