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fergikaz Mar 14th 2014 7:59 pm

newbie here
Hi all

My hubby has a job offer from a company and we have a little girl who is 8 at school . Am looking ahead while we wait for paper offer ,what visa we would need i have checked the immigration website, for the visas am i looking at it right, that we would need a work to res visa,partnership one for me and a student one for my little girl who is 8. Also is the price right at £180 for the work to res one or am I being thick. hes not on any skilled cat but his company is an accredited one.

Any help on this would be fab.


Persephone Mar 15th 2014 7:48 pm

Re: newbie here
Hello and welcome,

Congratulations on the job offer!

When you say it's not in a skilled category, I take it you mean it's not on any of the skills shortage lists rather than it isn't a skilled job?

If you want residency your options are:

WTR talent (accredited employer) category - your offer is with an accredited employer but must have a salary of at least $55,000 for a 40hr week and be for at least two years. Issued much faster than the one below. Your husband gets a work visa for 30 months and you all apply for residency once he has worked for two years in that job. You are tied to a named employer for the two years.
Though nothing to stop you applying for this and the SMC at the same time if you want residency sooner;)

SMC - if the job offer is for a skilled job (level 1,2 or 3) and you score at least 100 points on the EOI. This does take longer to be issued but you all get residency right from the start (usually). It depends when the start date is as to whether this is a possible without you needing another visa to get you started quickly.

fergikaz Mar 15th 2014 8:16 pm

Re: newbie here
Thanks for reply :)

My hubby is a armourer and isn't on the skills shortages so we will be doing wtr he's waiting for formal offer but I know the money is between 55-60 nzd
Thanks for info

Persephone Mar 16th 2014 7:41 pm

Re: newbie here
The job offer does not need to be on the long term skills shortage list to apply under the SMC. You can apply as long as it is seen as skilled and you have enough points :)

fergikaz Mar 16th 2014 7:59 pm

Re: newbie here
Is it better for us do it under the points way? we have 145 points ,but was worrying about us having to pay internation students fees for my little girl going to school. Would it be better to go for the smc one?

thanks for help

BEVS Mar 16th 2014 10:47 pm

Re: newbie here

Originally Posted by fergikaz (Post 11174621)
Thanks for reply :)

My hubby is an armourer and isn't on the skills shortages so we will be doing wtr he's waiting for formal offer but I know the money is between 55-60 nzd
Thanks for info

Crikey & wow . :eek: That's the first time I've ever read that occupation.

How did NZIS recognise this occupation please? I ask as I have a friend who's son is a gamekeeper. This occupation also does not appear on any of the usual lists.

Armourer doesn't appear on the usual 'skilled occupation ' list Persephone. ( Neither does Gamekeeper for that matter)

Anyway, welcome to our little NZ forum fergikaz :)

Your child will gain a student visa if you do a WTR. There will be no international fees.

A work to residence visa is a form of temporary work visa . It would get you here and started.

You could still choose to apply for NZ residency under the SMC points system once here and settled.

Or you could choose to remain with the WTR visa and apply for residency at the end of the two years. That would be the cheaper option but with that you hope for no change in circumstances or NZIS policy.

With the SMC points application, this may take longer, particularly if the occupation confuses the heck out of the NZIS officer. :p. You would all gain NZ residency.

fergikaz Mar 17th 2014 7:28 am

Re: newbie here
Morning Bevs

Thanks for info ,I think nz class him as a weapons tech plus he has about a dozen different quals that are in the list they accept, think we would get a wtr talent visa and he's going to work for people who work for defence force so not sure if that make a difference,but not sent paper work in yet as we want a hard copy of offer to make sure we are ok ,so we could d to confuse them :)

BEVS Mar 17th 2014 9:30 pm

Re: newbie here
Exciting !

WTR talent visa is fine. You could choose to go SMC later on if you so wished.
There will be no international student fees.

I'm sure the NZ defence force will keep NZIS in line. :p

NZIS will probably use one of these . :)

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