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tracyp Feb 7th 2014 5:19 pm

Mild Developmental Delay Speech and Social issue - Medical Fail
My Husband and I are looking to emigrate this year and are heading out to NZ in a few weeks to secure a job offer. My question is my son was diagnosed with a mild developmental delay, severve speech delay and social immatureties when he was 3 and a half. He is now 6 his speech is coming along and no longer requires the support of a speech therapies. He doesnt have a statement and he get helps from the SENCO department at school but gets no extra funding etc. Recently we had behavioural services givening the school some support for 2 terms to figure out how best to deal with his social immatures which has now finished.

To me this isnt signficant educational needs but will these issues cause him to get a medical fail?? If it does do we have any other options or is that out dream to immigrate finished before they have started!

Any experience, advice or support would be appericated.

MrsFychan Feb 7th 2014 9:22 pm

Re: Mild Developmental Delay Speech and Social issue - Medical Fail
Hi Tracy and welcome to NZ forum

I can't see that it will cause a problem as we have other members who have had children needing additional help in the UK and still managing to secure a visa. Best to get as much Professional written statements to submit stating the exact condition and needs medical or social needs required.
Also I would be very picky when you get over about what school you send him to and do lots of research on them. I know from friends that some schools leave a lot to be desired with these things whilst others bend over backwards to help.

You say you are coming over in a couple of weeks to secure a job offer what exactly do you mean by that? If you are coming on a visitors visa to look for work please be aware that technically this is not allowed, it is done and was done by my husband, but please make sure you do not let officialdom know as they could refuse you entry.

BEVS Feb 11th 2014 10:45 pm

Re: Mild Developmental Delay Speech and Social issue - Medical Fail
Not being 'statemented' is all to the good.

Be prepared for a medical referral to come back from your submitted application. Just collate all the specialist reports that you can. Show the future prognosis and aid that may or may not be needed

NZIS will be looking at costs to education and health services . From what you write he should meet the requirements. You just need to put the paperwork together to show that.

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