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daisy2008 Jan 13th 2020 11:56 am

Medical Assessor
Hi everyone,

As stated in a previous post I was waiting on my visa being granted following medical information request. I now know my medical information has been passed on to a medical assessor. I was hoping someone might be able to provide some information/experience with the following questions:
How long does the medical assessors decision usually take? (I realise I may be asking how long is a piece of string)
Does this mean I am likely/more likely to have my application rejected?
Does the medical assessor usually contact the applicant for more details about what has been submitted or just go off what is in front of them?
Is there an appeals procedure and how long does it take/is it likely to be successful?
How long after a visa rejection do I have to wait before applying again and is there any point if it is a medical rejection?

The medical information they are assessing is my (recent) past history and although I haven't seen a doctor for any reason for 2 years I don't feel confident about the outcome here. My job is due to start next week so potentially looking at saying goodbye to that if I can't get the visa in time :(

MrsFychan Jan 14th 2020 6:48 am

Re: Medical Assessor
have you submitted any information from the Dr/Consultant you were seeing at the time regarding this stating you were fully recovered and no longer needed any further/ongoing medical care?
My DD had some issues with her stomach but had been signed off from on going medical care, I submitted a letter from her consultant regarding this with my application. It still went to the assessor but came back with no further action after about 2 weeks.
It showed up on my medical, so I found out when we handed in our application, that I had a shadow on one of my lungs. On hearing this I went back to my own GP, told her what had been seen, got an xray the same day, came back as old scarring from a bout of pleurisy some years earlier, so she wrote a letter explaining the results and we emailed that in. So I was also referred but came back clear after a week.

Medical waiver can take many months and is costly.

I personally would say if you are rejected on medical grounds then the next course of action is the waiver, no point reapplying as it would just come up again.

daisy2008 Jan 14th 2020 11:27 am

Re: Medical Assessor
Yes, I was told when I went for my medical that I would get a request for more information because of my history.

The report from my doctor shows decreasing dose of anti-depressants since early 2017 until coming off them completely in 2018 and no treatment since. It does however show a suicide attempt in 2015 which I did not declare at my medical.

The report was submitted to immigration on 2nd Jan and they were back in office on 6th Jan so hopefully it was sent to the medical assessor then and that starts the 3 week countdown.

Just realised I won’t be eligible for the medical waiver but I do believe you can appeal the medical assessor’s decision?

My employer have said they are happy to wait for me and it takes as long as it takes which relieves some stress but I feel sick waiting!

MrsFychan Jan 14th 2020 6:43 pm

Re: Medical Assessor
sorry can't be much help its just a waiting game I'm afraid and every case is different.
I wouldn't put to much hope on time lines, some agencies are still not back in full time until after Wellington day on the 20th and not sure how they would look at the fact you did not declare this on your application, if indeed you needed to.

Justcol Jan 16th 2020 10:42 am

Re: Medical Assessor
My chest x-ray was forwarded to an assessor due to a shadow near my left clavicle
it turned out to be a smudged fingerprint 🙄

daisy2008 Jan 16th 2020 4:05 pm

Re: Medical Assessor

Originally Posted by Justcol (Post 12790430)
My chest x-ray was forwarded to an assessor due to a shadow near my left clavicle
it turned out to be a smudged fingerprint 🙄

Oh my days 🤦🏼‍♀️ And how long did you have to wait to find out it was a smudged fingerprint? Did you have to have another chest X-ray etc? What a nightmare!

daisy2008 Jan 21st 2020 2:40 pm

Re: Medical Assessor
Update - my visa has been approved!! Unbelievably relieved, feeling incredibly lucky and I will only be a couple of days late starting my job :rofl:

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