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GSAI May 26th 2014 9:24 am

LTSS Visa Applications
Hi All

I am having some issues with the passport office (had mine for 6 weeks and I am no nearer to receiving my renewal......) which will have a knock on effect with the submittal of my NZ Visa application.

I cannot conduct Police Checks, Medicals etc until I get this back and then the visa application itself, I need all this done and back in my hands by mid July which I do not see happening and all down to the Passport Office.

Based on experience, how long does a LTSS Visa Application take (I will be submitting to London) and I do have a job offer in hand and also need to have 3 visit visas (my wife and 2 kids) to process too.


MrsFychan May 26th 2014 9:31 am

Re: LTSS Visa Applications
on the immigration site it states with a job offer one to three months with a job offer. but that does depend on there being no problems/issues/clarifications being needed.

My husband had a job offer and was already work on a temp work visa and it still took over 3mths. they sent his job offer back 3 times until they were happy with it. If you have a start date that cannot be put back I might suggest you look at getting a temp work visa to cover yourself. You can start the application process in the UK and move it over to have the stamps put in passports in NZ when the approve it, that's what we did.

GSAI May 26th 2014 9:44 am

Re: LTSS Visa Applications
Thanks for the info, I will re-search the temp options further.

Also, my company is an Accredited Employer so I am hoping that this will speed things up too.

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