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lipgloss1968 Jan 19th 2014 9:23 am

Job on a visitors visa?
Hi all,
Was hoping for a bit of advice.
My partner is flying out to NZ for 3 weeks in September to hopefully secure himself a job. He has an uncle and a cousin out there that have loads of contacts with engineering companies which my partner is qualified in (fabrication/welding) in the Wellington area.
The original plan was to secure the job and put our EOI in when he returns and if accepted to go on a family visa.
My question is, what if he secures a job and they want him to stay, could he?
And if so what kind of visa would me and the children (aged 15 and 10)follow him out on?
All advice is much appreciated


MrsFychan Jan 19th 2014 9:47 am

Re: Job on a visitors visa?
technically/legally he should not be looking for work whilst on a visitors visa but lots do it but be aware it could be risky.

He would need to see if the job he is offered actually enables him to secure a visa.

Check out the Immigration website to see what visa you could actually apply for

I personally couldn't find welder/fabricator on the essential skills list but doesn't mean its not there could be under something different. and not being on those lists doesn't mean you could not obtain a visa means you would have to look at other visa options.

Persephone Jan 19th 2014 7:56 pm

Re: Job on a visitors visa?

This is what INZ has to say on looking for work so it's allowable but be careful.

Welders are classed as skilled but if not on the skilled shortage lists then an employer would need to show that no NZers were available to do the job if you apply for a work visa. This does not apply for a job offer under the SMC. The only other way would be a WTR visa-the employer would have to be accredited with INZ to offer you a job and it must be for >55,000 pa

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