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MontyD Feb 7th 2014 9:40 am

Immigration with a son with cochlear implants
Hey there, I am new to the forum and as a family we are looking at moving to Auckland. I have been in touch with friends in NZ and we are now in touch with a re-locator who has told us there may be an issue with a visa for our 13 year old son. He has two cochlear implants but he is in main stream school, plays football and does triathlon both to a high level. He is treated as a hearing child in all aspects, the only additional support he gets is a monthly visit from a school liaison to make sure all is well. Without his hearing aids he is totally deaf, with them he is as good at listening (when he wants too) and talking as any other child in his peer group. Has anyone else tried to or has been successful with immigration with a deaf child?

MrsFychan Feb 7th 2014 9:26 pm

Re: Immigration with a son with cochlear implants
what a load of tosh, whoever they are are talking rubbish. Wonder what other rubbish they have spouted.?

we have a member on here who's 12yr old son has had the same issues with his hearings and has since being here, less than a year, had to have hearing aids I believe. Only difference I feel you will see would be the cost for any medical care as you will have to pay

BEVS Feb 11th 2014 10:41 pm

Re: Immigration with a son with cochlear implants
What's a re-locator? :unsure:

First things first really.

Are you and your OH eligible to come to live and work permanently in New Zealand.

If you are unsure about which visas you would apply for we can guide a little through our own experiences.

Reference your son's hearing: You will need to help the NZIS case officer understand your son's hearing condition etc. You do that by obtaining specialist reports and the like to send in with your application. It is to prove he will not cost the education system or health care mega bucks a year - which he won't.

The application may be sent for a 'medical referral' which may take more time. If the hearing is as you say it is then the application should be OK. Be prepared though for a wait and a bit of underpinning of his hearing condition.

It is perfectly possible for this to succeed.

chrissybrook Jun 14th 2014 7:14 am

Re: Immigration with a son with cochlear implants
Hi... I'm new to here, currently getting paperwork ready to send back in response to ITA. I'm not sure if you have any further progress with your plans, but just thought I'd add my little bit. So, it's really just to let you know that my brother moved out to NZ about 5 years ago. He's got 4 kids... 2 of them twin girls who were 4 at the time, both with severe deafness as they born very premature. Both need hearing aids to hear. They also had history of other physical health problems associated with being born premature. They had a really quick turn around with visa being granted with no particular obstacles in the way. So it can be done .. Chrissy

lipgloss1968 Jun 15th 2014 6:24 pm

Re: Immigration with a son with cochlear implants
Hi there

Talking about medicals, I have noticed that in people's timelime (EOI, ITA, medicals dates) that a fair few of people have had their medicals referred. I am deaf in one ear and found previous threads very reassuring. I was just wondering what type of things do medicals get referred for? I don't want to sound nosey, and don't want to know anybodies personal details. Just wanted the heads up on what type of things they are looking for
Thanks for any responses:cool:

moonie2011 Jun 16th 2014 3:24 am

Re: Immigration with a son with cochlear implants
Hearing aids and appointments for children are free up to the age of 21 if in full time education
Funding for hearing aids
My son has two hearing aids since being here, he had a history of glue ear and hearing loss in the UK, but wasn't wearing aids when we applied for our visas, no questions were asked, in fact I don't think it was ever mentioned by the doctor doing the medical.

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