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RobDon Sep 15th 2011 6:45 am

Immigration Lawyers
Hi all again,

As you have probably read on the other thread we have a slight
problem in so much as our son has applied for residency and points
have been reduced to 40. :(
We have been advised by a few people to use the services of an
immigration lawyer.

Anyone used one recently that you would recommend?

Preferably one that won't cost us more than a mortgage! ;)

I know there have been threads about this previously somewhere but can't seem to find them.
Feel free to PM me if preferred.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

hazeandsteve Sep 15th 2011 10:55 am

Re: Immigration Lawyers

If the link doesn't work, just look up Grantham Law in the phone book, 4 Tamamutu St, Taupo'
The one we used here, so we can vouch for him. Worth a chat to see where you stand, and the drive's not too far.
Best of luck.

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